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Places without hoists where I would like to be able to stay

Let us know where you would like to see a hotel with a ceiling track hoist available in the UK. It could be a major city or a seaside resort or even a quiet country getaway. Tell us where and we will see what we can do to persuade a hotel there or close by to fit a hoist for the most popular choices. Below are listed some of the places that have already been requested - we are working on them! You can also help by requesting a hoist even though you know the hotel doesn't have one. The most common reason for not having a hoist is that "nobody has ever asked for one"


These are all places where CHuC website readers have requested places to stay. We would like to encourage hotels to install hoists at any or all of these. We realise that in some cases there may be a self catering property nearby but these usually only take bookings for a whole week where a hotel will let you stay for a single night or two which is important if you are there just for an event or simply to see friends..

 Bath  Banbury  Belfast  Belgium
 Bournemouth  Brackley  Brighton  Bristol
 Cambridge  Cheltenham  Chester  Dundee
 Durham  Derby  Edinburgh  Eastbourne
 Frome  Great Yarmouth  Leeds  Lincolnshire
 Liverpool (2 hotels now available)  Manchester (See Hotel Brooklyn)  Milton Keynes  Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
 New Forest  Newport, IoW  New York City, USA  Northern France
 Northumberland  Northampton  Oxford  Orlando Theme Parks, FL, USA
 Paris, France  Plymouth  Reading  Redruth
 Salisbury  Scarborough  Sheffield  Somerset
 Southampton  St Andrews  Swanage  Swindon
 Skegness  Torquay  York  Weston-Super-Mare