Ceiling Hoist users Community

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How can I list my accessible property on CHuC?

A.  If you have accessible accommodation with a ceiling track hoist in the bedroom and bathroom or you have a ceiling track hoist in the bedroom and an accessible wet-room then we will list your details in our Accommodation Section for FREE. CHuC is a not-for-profit information resource for the Ceiling Hoist User Community and we would like to do all we can to make that Community aware that you have accommodation suitable for them. Please send us your description of the property and you contact details along with as many photos (preferably in the 1Mb to 5Mb each size range) as you wish. A general view of the outside of the property and some views of the bedroom and bathroom showing the hoist are essential. Please e-mail the info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q.  Does CHuC arrange bookings?

A.  No. CHuC is simply an information resource to show what accommodation is available with a ceiling hoist. You should contact the accommodation owner for more information or to make a booking.

Q.  How up to date are the listings?

A.  We strive to keep the listings as up to date as possible. Some accommodation owners work with us and send us information when anything changes. Others we have to check for ourselves. We regularly run an automated link-checker which shows up any website links that no longer work which we then follow up. Please check with the accommodation owner or look at their own website for the latest information. If you come across anything that has changed please let us know so that we can update CHuC.

Q.  Can I advertise on CHuC?

A.  Yes. We offer banner adverts on all pages. The home page is a Premium advertising spot and is available to just one advertiser for a 12 month period. That advert will show exclusively on the home page and will appear on other pages along with any Standard adverts. We can also offer side-bar adverts which will appear above the Google Ads on the right of each page. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info on rates for advertising. Income from advertising goes entirely towards the running costs of the CHuC website. We also accept sponsorship from suitable companies and organisations.

Q.  How can I persuade a hotel to instal a hoist?

A.  When we approach a hotel and ask them to consider installing a ceiling hoist they almost always say that nobody has ever asked them for one before so there is obviously no need for them to go to the expense of installing such a thing. You can help the cause by asking the hotel if they have a ceiling hoist every time you book a room, even if you know they haven't.

The best person to approach is the Hotel Manager. It is preferable to arrange a face to face meeting if possible as it leaves a more memorable impression on them. Go armed with as many facts and figures as you can. Tell them that a typical ceiling hoist installation will cost between £3-5K. If they have conference and meeting facilities there is additional potential revenue from people booking conferences or receptions because they have the room with a hoist available. One hotel with a ceiling hoist got an additional ­£300k in conferences and receptions in their first year. Make the point that it could be bringing them more business and that they would be fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities. Point them to CHuC so they can see what others have done. Explain that a hoist these days doesn't have to be offensive to the eye and spoil the aesthetics of the room. Modern tracks can be recessed into the ceiling and some even have built in LED lighting to make it a feature when the hoist is not in use. There is another option to have a hoist fold away into a bedside cupboard so when it isn't required nobody knows it is there.

The best option is to have a continuous track from the bed to the bathroom which should pass over the toilet and end up at the shower or bath. If that isn't possible then the hoist should provide transfer from chair to bed and there should be a roll-in shower with a suitable shower/commode chair.

The Inclusive Hotels Network (IHN) have produced a best practice document for ceiling hoists in accessible accommodation which is recommended reading for hotel managers, self-catering and B&B owners.  IHN Hoist and hearing loss Guidance