Our attempts to find accommodation with ceiling track hoists in the UK and worldwide


In September 2007 a total of 190 e-mails were sent out to tourist organisations in the UK and around the world. The results so far are very disappointing with no new hoists identified. The responses from the organisations varied form being extremely helpful to deleting the e-mail without even reading it. The results are summarised below.


Summary of results to date from September 2007

A total of 190 e-mails were sent out on 25th September:

59 bounced as non existent addresses despite being advertised as contacts on websites.

7 were deleted without even reading the e-mail. These were to Tunisia, Jordan, Brazil, New York, North Dakota, Shetland and Dunoon Tourist Information Centres -shame on you!

14 have read the e-mails but not yet replied.

28 have replied so far and the rest seem to have disappeared into a black hole

Last updated 16 January 2008.


Thank you to all the organisations who have made the effort to reply - we appreciate your help in our search for accessible accommodation with ceiling track hoists.

The search continues......