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CHuC (the Ceiling Hoist users Club) was set up by the late Sue Maynard Campbell MBE, M.D. of Equal Ability CIC, to promote the interests of those disabled people who need to use hoists and particularly those who need, or prefer, ceiling track hoists (also caller tracker and tracking hoists). The lack of ceiling track hoists in away from home accommodation (hotels, guest houses and self-catering accommodation) severely limits many disabled people’s ability to go away for leisure, business, or important social events. This website is designed to bring together accommodation providers, hoist suppliers and hoist users for the benefit of all. Sue had been a hoist user for most of her life and understood the frustrations and inconvenience of not having anywhere she could stay without a good deal of inconvenience and additional expense. Her aim was to have ceiling hoist facilities provided as the norm and CHuC continues to persuade, cajoul and educate accommodation providers to continue her campaign.