Liko (UK) LtdLiko Multirall transportable hoist

Amongst their hoist products is the Multirall Portable/Reversible Overhead Lift System

As a simple, portable overhead lift unit that does not compromise on safety or function, Multirall is unbeatable. In addition, Multirall works perfectly as a room-to-room lift. Liko’s Quick-release Hook system is the key to Multirall’s flexibility. Installation alternatives:
Multirall can be installed on a rail system in two different ways.

  • Hang Multirall in a carriage directly on the rail system. It works exactly like a conventional overhead lift.
  • Mount it the other way, with the strap connector attached to the carriage, and Multirall becomes readily portable. In addition, it enables room-to-room transfers with only one lift unit.

A practical trolley for transfer and storage is available as an accessory.

Lifting capacity: 440 lbs. (200 kg.)

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