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Guldmann ceiling hoists are an integral part of a complete range of well-designed equipment, making the lifting and transferring process of people safe and comfortable for both user and carer.

To be able to work efficiently and safely, you have to choose the correct products, and know how to use them in the best possible way. We offer over 30 years of experience for selecting the right product as well as training programmes for individuals and staff.

This all helps ensure a good return on investment that provides long-term benefits, and more time to care.

GH3 – Discreet, smooth and safe

The GH3 concept is the seventh generation of Guldmann ceiling hoist technology, this breakthrough system is the culmination of 27 years of accumulated know-how and 5 solid years of specialist R&D work.

A completely modular system that provides maximum flexibility with minimum components, rapid cost saving installation and considerable versatility. GH3 rails can be mounted on ceilings, walls or supporting pillars, with unsupported spans of up to 8 metres. The lifting modules can lift users weighing up to 350 kg with one lifting strap and 500 kg with two straps. Lifting speeds are up to 60 mm/sec.

The GH3’s contemporary yet timeless design blends in well with both modern architecture and existing buildings, making it easy to specify solutions for both new projects and retrofits into legacy spaces.

If your ceiling hoist could talk what would it say?

The GH3+ range offers the care lift management (CLM) technology allowing you to access vital information; time of lifts, how long transfers are taking, the height of the transfers and the weight of the transfers. This tool helps follow-up on work injuries or other situations in which the data history is of interest, improving working environments related to the processes.

GH Combi-lock

The system is used to lock the rails together when two rail systems are linked, resulting in a combined rail system between rooms making it possible to provide an easy, swift and comfortable transfer of a person up to 350kg. The Combi-lock is easy and safe to use, with its simple lock system that automatically connects when the rails are correctly positioned it easily meets any need whilst blending in with surrounding architecture.

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