Produce the GH2 range of ceiling track hoists.

Ceiling hoist. User friendly and powerful ceilingGuldmann GH2 ceiling track hoist
hoist designed for permanent installation.
Max lifting capacity 200 kg.

The hoist hangs directly under the rails and lifts the user with the help of a lifting hanger to which the sling is attached.

Lifts a lot - weighs little

Although it weighs only 8.7 kg the GH2 hoist can lift up to 200 kg. / 440 lb.

Lifts rapidly

High process speed - the dual speed function increases lifting speed when the hoist is unloaded.

Lifts high

Maximum lifting height - thanks to small installation dimensions, lifting height is increased.

Lifts comfortably

All start/stop functions are smooth and without jolts.

GH2 HD Twin

• Lifting unit with two lifting straps and a lifting capacity of up to 455 kg Guldmann GH2 HD Twin ceiling track hoist
• The hoist is intended for lifting with normal slings as well as with horizontal lifter

The two hoists will be working synchronously, and it will be possible to adjust them individually for example if there is a need for Trendelenburg position, together with horizontal lifting. The adjustment can be done via hand control using the buttons that are normally used for drive/traverse motor.

The GH2 HD Twin can be used together with rail curves, but cannot be used with combi-locks, switch tracks and turntables.

Max lifting capacity is 250 kg with horizontal lifter and 455 kg with cross lifting hanger.

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