Northlink Ferries to Orkney & Shetland

NorthLink Ferries - The only ferries with ceiling hoists available in 2 cabins

Northlink Ferries Disabled Passengers FAQs 

Accessible cabins for disabled passengers

On the overnight routes there are four cabins per ship designed for disabled users. Two of these cabins are designed to allow ease of access, whilst the other two cabins are fitted with lifting equipment.

Cabins have two single beds at normal height. Cabins without lifting equipment have an additional drop-down berth available for a carer. All the disabled cabins are fitted with a television.

Accessible cabins have wide access electrically-operated doors and sinks at the correct height. Toilets are fitted with the required rails and handles. Each cabin is equipped with a waterproof seat which can be wheeled into the shower and toilet.

Cabins are fitted with standard UK three-pin electrical outlets at 230 volts/50Hz.

If required passengers can also take oxygen bottles on board

Northlink Ferry accessible cabin with ceiling track hoist

** Remember to take your own sling! ** Most accommodation providers do not provide you with a sling for hygiene reasons so remember to take along your own and be comfortable in something you are used to. Most slings are'universal' fitting but if you are not sure please contact the accommodation provider.


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